Work Calendars for 2021-2022 School Year


Full-Year, Early-Release Calendar for 2021-2022

SPS-SEA Guide to Early Releases and Staff Meetings 2021-22

260-Day Full Year Calendar  2021-2022

180-Day Certificated Non-Supervisory Calendar 2021-2022

200-Day Paraprofessional/Bus Supervisors Calendar 2021-2022

204-Day Paraprofessional Calendar 2021-2022

223-Day Paraprofessional Calendar 2021-2022

193-Day Paraprofessional and SAEOP Calendar 2021-2022

203-Day Paraprofessional and SAEOP Calendar 2021-2022

204-Day Paraprofessional and SAEOP Calendar 2021-2022

222-Day Paraprofessional and SAEOP Calendar 2021-2022

Bell Times for 2021-2022