SEA Officers, SEA Department Officers, & SEA Board of Directors Elections

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SEA members in active member status as of Feb 1, 2024 are eligible to vote in SEA Elections. A run-off election, if needed, will be conducted May 3-13, 2024

Nominations and voting will be conducted electronically and SEA members will receive information via their home email address. 

Below you will find the timeline and rules for the 2024 elections. 

2/28/24 – Nominations OPEN at 9:00am
3/11/24 – Nominations CLOSE at RA
3/13/24 – Deadline for candidate acceptance of nomination
3/18/24 – Candidate Elections Committee Q&A 6pm-7pm
3/20/24 – Deadline for Coordinated Campaign Literature
3/25/24 – Deadline for emailing and posting coordinated campaign literature on SEA website
3/26/24 – Tuesday, 5:30–7:00pm Virtual Candidate Forum** for President, Vice President, CRSJ Director, and Treasurer (3 min. speech each)
3/27/24 – Wednesday, 5:30–7:00pm – Hold for Virtual Candidate Forum** if more than 12 candidates total are running for the four SEA officer positions

**3/26 & 3/27 Candidate Forum Zoom(s) will be recorded so members may watch on their own time.**
3/29/24 – Deadline for posting Candidate Forum recordings on SEA website
4/01/24 – Electronic voting OPENS at 6:00am

4/16/24 – Electronic Voting CLOSES at 1:00pm. Campaign literature and candidate forum recording removed from SEA website.
4/17/24 – Election Results posted in SEA Office and on SEA Website

 RUNOFF election if needed:

4/29/24 – Virtual Forum for runoff candidates
5/03/24 – Voting OPENS at 6:00am
5/13/24 – Voting CLOSES at 1:00pm

 To download a PDF copy of the timeline and rules for the election, click here.


Each candidate may submit a statement to be distributed with the ballot. Candidate statements will be posted on the SEA website. Candidate statements are due at the time of the nomination form submission. The maximum candidate statement length as follows:                

Candidate Statements - Maximum Length
Position # of words Position # of words
President 250 Department President 200
Vice President 200 Department Vice President 150
CRSJ Director 200 Other Department Positions 100
Treasurer 200
Board of Directors 150

The Chairperson reserves the right to eliminate words over these limits.


SEA provides an opportunity for publicity of one piece of campaign material per candidate that will be posted on the SEA website. The campaign flier must:

·        Be no larger than a single 8 ½ x 11 page;
·        Be a Word or PDF document;
·        Include the name(s) of candidate(s) and/or member(s) responsible for the content;
·        Indicate that SEA is not responsible for the content;
·        Be submitted electronically to
·        Be received by 4:00pm on March 20, 2024. 

SEA asks that candidate materials not contain profanity or unfounded allegations.

Voting will be done through the American Arbitration Association (AAA), a firm with extensive experience working with clients in the non-profit and union sectors.

This document will be posted on the SEA website and is available upon request from SEA.


USE OF DISTRICT RESOURCES IS PROHIBITED: Candidates for any SEA office or departmental office may not use District resources (e.g., copiers, computers, Teams accounts, or supplies) for production or distribution of any candidate materials or for campaign activities. 


Candidates for any SEA office or departmental office may not use the SEA building, equipment, or other resources for any campaign related duplication, meeting, or work party.

SEA will honor any reasonable request by a candidate to distribute campaign literature to members at the candidate’s expense. Requests will be honored in the order received. Campaign literature must be provided to the Election Committee in sealed, stamped envelopes which are ready for mailing. Each candidate should check with postal officials to determine the proper postage.

Candidates must pay the processing costs (up to $500 for a mailing to the entire membership) for each mailing to cover the cost of address labels and processing. Candidates should contact Election Chairperson Mel McLamb at  to arrange a mailing.

The cost of duplication/distribution of materials is the responsibility of the candidate(s).

Campaigning in buildings does not preclude the use of U.S. Mail or hand-delivered materials to the building at a candidate’s own expense. 

Campaign materials shall bear the name of candidates and members responsible for the content and clearly indicate that SEA is not responsible for the content.  


All campaigning for candidates, or by candidates, that takes place at worksites may only occur before or after the contractual day or during duty-free breaks/lunches. Both the campaigner and the receiver of materials must be on duty-free time. Candidates or their designees are permitted to post campaign materials at worksites in places designated for Association communications. 


Candidates may not distribute or post any campaign materials on the floor of the RA.

The use of district e-mail for campaigning is prohibited.

However, it may be used by the SEA Nominations and Elections Committee and ARs to provide information on the timeline, reminders to vote, rules and regulations, and where to access campaign materials.


If any SEA member is alleged by the Chairperson to be violating campaign rules or timelines, they may be disqualified by the Board of Directors from the election process. A special session of the   Board of Directors can be called to rule on any alleged violation.  Review of complaints regarding campaign materials will be presented to the Board at the election certification.

If you have questions or inquiries, contact the Nominations & Elections Committee Chair Mel McLamb