Voting OPENS: 9:00am on January 19, 2022
Voting CLOSES: 7:00pm on February 2, 2022

To view the Delegate Statements, click HERE

Members, check your personal email at 9:00am on January 19 that will include instructions and a link to voting.

SEA is allocated 98 delegates to the 2022 WEA RA based on membership. The SEA Board of Directors has approved funding for fifty (50) delegates to the WEA RA. Seven (7) of the fifty (50) funded delegate positions are filled by virtue of office in accordance with our SEA bylaws. The WEA RA will be held virtually April 7- April 9, 2022 (Corrected date).

It is anticipated SEA will be allocated 37 delegates to 2022 NEA RA. The SEA Board of Directors has approved funding for twenty (20) delegates to the NEA RA. Four (4) of the twenty (20) funded delegate positions are filled by virtue of office in accordance with our SEA bylaws. The location for the NEA RA is to be determined and will take place July 2-6, 2022.  

Elections will be conducted electronically. SEA members will receive unique voting credentials via email to their home email address. Please provide SEA your current home email address, if it has changed, by using this form: https://bit.ly/SEAEmailUpdate 

Delegates to the RAs play a key role in setting the direction of the work of the WEA and NEA for the next year. WEA is a member-driven, democratically governed organization and the annual Representative Assembly (RA) is its chief policy making body. Once a year, local associations send over 1,000 WEA members to gather for the WEA RA to collaborate, debate and vote on New Business Items, New Resolutions, and other provisions that govern the work of WEA. Delegates to the NEA RA perform the same key role at the national level to help set the work of the NEA for the following year. To learn more about the WEA RA and the role of a delegate, click HERE.

Click HERE to see the SEA WEA & NEA RA Elections Guidelines and Timeline.


The SEA Elections Committee

(Seattle Elections Committee: Jenny Nave - Chair, cert /
Carolyn Hostetler, SAEOP / Reiko Myers, cert /
Sara Richards, cert / Melodie McLamb, cert /

Soren Stewart-Mactavish, para

SEA Staff Representative: Tim Clements-Levin)

Click HERE to view the list of current SEA Officers for 2020-2022.