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2020 SEA Local Election

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SEA Members,

At a special post-runoff election meeting of the SEA Board of Directors regarding the challenge to the SEA General Runoff Election, the board voted 19 to 6 to reject the challenge. This upholds the certified results of our election.

The basis of the challenge stated:

", including technological issues, which is especially significant given the nine-vote margin"


"The minimum voting window (10 days, according to SEA Bylaw 11.34d) during a global pandemic that inhibited voting participation and created equity issues."

SEA leadership will be convening a special commission to review current election guidelines and SEA bylaws and make recommendations to the SEA Board on how to increase engagement and access to all members in the SEA elections process. Details of this commission will be discussed at the June SEA board meeting.


SEA Leadership Team


  • WEA Individual Crisis Fund

    The WEA Board has approved the WEA Individual Crisis Fund.

    The purpose of this fund is to provide one-time, temporary financial relief for active WEA members (sorry, WEA-Retired and SWEA members are not eligible) who have personally experienced a loss of income due to the COVID-19 school closures.

    Crisis grants will be $575 each and are intended for those WEA members hardest hit from lost income.

    There are two ways to apply:

    1. Apply online

    2. Call 253-765-7093 to have the application filled out for you. People calling the number will leave a voice mail, which will be returned during business hours in the order it was received.
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  • Coronavirus Updates & FAQ's, and Community Resources

    Click the link below to go to the page that will provide you with information regarding the impacts of the SPS school closure on our SEA members and larger school communities.

    Our goal is to provide our SEA members with up to date and accurate information. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

    There are daily changes coming from National & State authorities, so this list isn't a comprehensive list of all the issues we are working on (there are many), but rather questions where we have clear answers to at this time.
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  • National Board Candidate Support Program - Registration for 2020-2021 now open!

    National Board Candidate Support registration for 2020-2021 is now open.
    Click on the link to view the introduction letter.
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