The 2024 WEA/NEA RA Delegate Election has concluded. The election results have been certified by the SEA Board of Directors:

Delegates to the RAs play a key role in setting the direction of the work of the WEA and NEA for the next year. WEA is a member-driven, democratically-governed organization and the annual Representative Assembly (RA) is its chief policy making body. Delegates serve a one-year term.

SEA is allocated 95 delegates to the 2024 WEA RA based on membership. The SEA Board of Directors approved funding for fifty (50) delegates to the WEA RA. Four (4) of the fifty (50) funded delegate positions are filled by virtue of office in accordance with our SEA bylaws. The WEA RA will be held in-person in Spokane, WA, April 11-13, 2024.

SEA is allocated 38 delegates to 2024 NEA RA. The SEA Board of Directors approved funding for twenty (20) delegates to the NEA RA. Four (4) of the twenty (20) funded delegate positions are filled by virtue of office in accordance with our SEA bylaws. The NEA RA will be held in-person in Philadelphia, PA, July 3-7, 2024.  

To download a PDF copy of the voting results, click here.

WEA Delegates                       NEA Delegates                        

Jennifer Matter voo* Meesh Vecchio 189
Marla Rasmussen voo* Elizabeth Ward-Robertson    183
Patrice Robinson voo* Marla Rasmussen 180
Chris Lambertz voo* Char Dhoot 178
Meesh Vecchio 197 Ibijoke (Ibi) Udowu 178
Peter Henry 190 Peter Henry 177
Char Dhoot 189 Price Jimerson 176
Ms. Vallerie Fisher 186 Ms. Vallerie Fisher 172
Shannon Ratner 181 Shannon Ratner 172
Price Jimerson 180 DaZanne Davis Porter 161
Ibijoke (Ibi) Idowu 177 Susan Talley 161
DaZanne Davis Porter 171 Otis E. Golden III 154
Veronica Pugh 163 Veronica Pugh 153
Benjamin Davis 162 Whitney Khan 153
Whitney Khan 162 Antoinette Felder 150
Otis E. Golden III 160 Liz Ruiz-Puyana 149
Antoinette Felder 157 Benjamin Davis 148
Liz Ruiz-Puyana 157 Ashley Myers 145
Ashley Myers 155 Stan Strasner 142
Andrew Eckels 148 Lexi Awdziejczyk 139
Connor Lee 148 Heather Barker 138
Mary Vester 148 Andrew Eckels 136
Charity Kamau-Kisanga 146 Matt Legacki 136
Heather Barker 145 Charity Kamau-Kisanga 134
Stan Strasner 145 Mary Vester 134
Angela de Ita 142 Scott Jetton 131
Matthew Burtness 142 Matthew Maley 130
Sherrill Vaughan 138 Paul Franklin-Bihary 126
Matt Legacki 135 Veronica Ainsa 118
Scott Jetton 135 Melissa Figge 117
Jeff Paul 132 Arynn McKenzie 113
Matthew Maley 131 Jenn Dunne 113
Veronica Ainsa 129 Tymmony Keegan 21
Girard Montejo-Thompson 128 Enrico Abadesco 18
Arynn McKenzie 126 Isaura Jimenez 18
Soren Stewart-MacTavish 126 Lynne Oliphant 16
Melissa Figge 123 Alison Underdahl 11
Chris Barrett 20
Alison Underdahl 15
Tymmony Keegan 15
Marian Wagner 12
Enrico Abadesco 11
Isaura Jimenez 11

*By Virtue of Office
If you have questions or inquiries, contact the Nominations & Elections Committee Chair Mel McLamb