Racial & Social Justice

SEA CRSJ Sticker

The Center for Racial Equity was created when the engaged Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly voted to release a teacher from the classroom to lead and help develop the project. With a growing number of educator leaders who are dedicated to the work of creating an equitable education and world for our students, we created the mission statement and vision, hosted our first Leadership Summit with continuing action teams, and now, launching the RET Coaches Program. 

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Center for Racial Equity is to empower educators, both individually and collectively to dismantle racial injustice in the SEA, our schools, our community, and our profession.  

Vision Statement

Provide a safe network for educators to advocate for the advancement of racial equity in changing the narrative and experiences of public education across Seattle.  

Our Values

→ Centering Marginalized Voices
→ Racial Justice  
→ Community
→ Responsiveness  
→ Access and Growth