Current News:

The Seattle Education Association is proud to endorse the following candidates:

City of Seattle

- City Council District 1 – Lisa Herbold   http://district1forherbold.org/
WEA*PAC Endorsement: Councilwoman Herbold impressed us as being very strong on public housing, with many policies in mind to address supply side. She wants to provide the SPS Board of Directors with funds to make more efficient use of under-utilized spaces. She expressed absolute opposition to the youth jail and has contacted the SPS BOD regarding disproportionate discipline. She also previously staffed passage of “don’t ask” legislation for Seattle Police Department officers, preventing them from inquiring about immigration status in the course of their duties.

- City Council District 2 – Tammy Morales https://www.votefortammy.com/
WEA*PAC Endorsement: Ms. Morales wants to increase pace of production of affordable housing, as well stop selling existing property. She has a long history of support for immigrant families, nurses and other care services. She wants to establish a cross-council with the SPS Board of Directors and involve SEA regularly.

- City Council District 3 – Kshama Sawant  https://www.kshamasawant.org
WEA*PAC Endorsement: Councilmember Sawant has been a strong labor ally with us, showing up on our picket lines and at many SEA events. We are inspired by her transformative vision for a more affordable city for the working people of Seattle.

- City Council District 4 - The SEA-endorsed primary candidate in the 4th District did not proceed to the general election. The SEA has not endorsed in the general election for District 4.

- City Council District 5 - Debora Juarez  https://www.seattle.gov/council/juarez
WEA*PAC Endorsement: Councilwoman Juarez stated that a regional approach to housing requires efforts with King County to create public development authority for housing. She has attempted to work with SPS to maximize revenue streams and wants to do so in the future. She also claimed that the state of the existing youth jail is “unconscionable” and needed to be replaced. She recommended that money should be routed to schools to work with expert teachers on mental health issues. She has also filed writs of habeas corpus to end the practice of police officers coordinating with ICE.

Seattle School Board

- District 1 – Liza Rankin http://elizasrankin.com/
Liza began by organizing Soup for Teachers and supported educators throughout the strike in 2015. Continued efforts revealed stark racial inequity in the district; She helped organize for Black Lives Matter at school. Liza is a strong advocate for our schools and has a history of the PTA funding issue. She has a clear understanding of assessment issues, as well as a history of involvement with equity issues in district boards.

- District 3 – Chandra Hampson http://electchandra.org/
Chandra was the President of the Seattle Council PTSA, adopted a resolution to center voices of color and changed standing rules to ensure equitable participation; fundraising resolutionwas published to draw public attention to inequity. Has a history of advocacy for full and equitable funding, and has a desire to work with SEA on equity issues. Chandra feels that assessments should measure the "intellectual health of students."  Has been involved in HCC/gifted designation work in board district.

- District 6 – Molly Mitchell https://mitchell4schoolboard.com/
Molly has been Director of Student Support Programs at Seattle Central College, and co-developed Parents Centering Social Justice after disappointing experiences at her child's school. Has 20+ years of equity work in education. Wants to shift focus of PTSA's to advocacy, not fundraising. Feels the relationship between SEA and Seattle School Board as "extremely important." Molly is strongly against high-stakes assessment and wants to see equity in data, as well as engaging families by holding meetings in the community.



SEA took a Vote NO position on I-976.

More information available
at https://www.no976.org


On the ballot statewide, the WEA Board of Directors recommends APPROVE Initiative 1000 / Referendum 88, which promotes racial equity and economic justice. More information available at https://ballotpedia.org/Washington_Referendum_88,_Vote_on_I-1000_Affirmative_Action_Measure_(2019)