This page is for SPS employees who have run out of or will run out of sick leave, due to circumstances out of their control and are asking their SPS colleagues for donations of sick leave hours that can help them through their crises.

To submit your name as an educator in need of sick leave hours, please email with your name, school and short description of your situation causing the leave shortage and your name will be listed here for your colleagues to see, so they can help. if you're donating hours, the link to the form is below.

Posted on 6-16-22
From Dan Trinh, bilingual IA at Rising Star:
"I've been working for Seattle School District for 30 years. I just had my kidney surgery last week and I'm currently out of sick leave. Any donations will be very helpful and greatly appreciated!"

Posted on 6-8-22
From LaNita Thomasson, Admin Secretary at Rainier Beach:
"I'm battling breast cancer right now, and can really use your help with donated sick hours to help me get through this very difficult time. Any help is greatly appreciated!"

Posted on 5-27-22
From Robyn Khanjian, Academic Intervention Specialist at Broadview-Thomson:
"I’m an academic intervention specialist at Broadview-Thomson. I broke my foot and needed 5 stitches for a laceration that went down to the bone. To give my stitches time to heal I need to take 3 more days off and don’t have any sick days left. I would really appreciate any hours that someone could donate."

Posted on 5-20-22
From Michael Israel, Special Education Teacher at Eckstein Middle School:
"I am currently on unpaid leave for medical reasons, and it seems in order attempt to cover the bills for June I will need to use all of my Personal and Sick leave. I only have enough to cover possibly 2/3 of what's needed for the rest of the school year (40 hours needed). Any donations at all would be greatly appreciated!"

Posted 5-4-22
Request from Jeong Chi, Music Teacher at Licton Springs K-8:
"My Mom is unconscious and has been put on a ventilator. Even though she has no possibility of recovery and had previously signed to reject all life sustaining treatment, the doctor said Korean law doesn't allow removal of life support. It could take days, but quite possibly months, but no one knows. I have very few sick leave hours left. Thank you for your incredible generosity if you're able to help me with this. - Jeong."

 Posted 4-15-22
Request from Michael Murphy, Counselor at Whitman Middle School:
"I am Michael Murphy, and I've been with SSD for 30 years. I currently have been at Whitman Middle School for the past 10 years, prior to Whitman I was at 9 different elementary schools.
I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have been out on Extended Health Leave for the past 6 months and hope to improve & recover within the next two months. Thank you for your conisderation in donating any leave hours you can spare.  Sincerely, Michael Murphy"

 Posted 3-29-22
Request from Abbey Rogers, K-2 Focus Para at North Beach Elementary:
Abbey suffered from a serious injury and needs extensive surgery to aid in healing and full motion. The injury and recovery time are severe enough that she'll be out the rest of the school year. She expressed her gratefulness to any of her fellow educators who are able to help and heartfelt thanks in advance for anything you can donate.

 Posted 2-28-22
Request from Keith McLaren, SpEd at Bridges Program:
I am asking for shared leave donations, so that I can have bonding time with my newborn son, Theo, and help my partner recover from her birth-related procedures. I used my accrued leaves in the fall recovering from a serious medical condition, so anything helps. Thanks for anything you’re willing to give.

 Posted 1-4-22
Request from Glenda Nicholson, SpEd Assistant at NOVA High School:
Glenda currently is in the hospital suffering with a very serious health condition, and is very much in need of donated Sick Leave hours to get through this ordeal.  She appreciates every one of you who are able to donate and make a difference in the life of one of your colleagues. Thank You!


Members can access the shared leave form to donate hours by clicking HERE. Forms can be submitted to or FAXED to 206-252-0021 or mailed to Seattle Public Schools, MS 33-380, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.