This page is for SPS employees who have run out of or will run out of sick leave, due to circumstances out of their control and are asking their SPS colleagues for donations of sick leave hours that can help them through their crises.

To submit your name as an educator in need of sick leave hours, please email with your name, school and short description of your situation causing the leave shortage and your name will be listed here for your colleagues to see, so they can help.

If you're donating hours, the link to the form is below.

Posted 9/27/19:

Patty Murray in Accounting at the JSCEE is looking for sick leave donations while she cares for her sister who is suffering from Stage 4 cancer (her sister was a Sub at SSD until her ilness kept her from continuing to work). Any help is greatly appreciated!

Ra'Keisha Sampson, Paraprofessional is asking for donated sick leave due to a
medical emergency that occurred just before school started, and the doctor has ordered her to not work for at least a month or until the prognosis allows her to return to work. From Ra'Keisha: "I ask any one of my fellow Seattle Public School Co-workers to please help me if you have the extra hours to give. I appreciate your love and kindness in advance."

Sheila Lambert, Para @ Interagency, is asking for sick leave donations due to a an longer-than-expected medical issue keeping her from work. She thanks you all in advance for helping in any way you can.

Posted 7/15/19:

Alexandra Appleman, Science Teacher at Meany Middle School had a baby in May but did not have enough sick leave to cover her entire maternity leave. The baby was premature and with the added week at the end of the school year there wasn't enough sick leave to cover all the extra time off.  She appreciates whatever you can donate to help!

Posted 6/25/19:

Vallerie Fisher, FSW at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary (also SEA Treasurer) had surgery recently and is in need of 9 days of sick leave hours to aid in her recovery while away from work. Any hours donated will help in that recovery, and Vallerie appreciates any and all help you can provide.
Posted 6/20/19:

Heidi Van Brost, SpEd IA at Pathfinder, shared the following to express why she is in need of Sick Leave donations: "Two months ago my eldest daughter, 16, an athlete and dog trainer, started experiencing intense knee pain. Her medical team searched for answers from several specialists and through many ongoing appointments. She's now in a wheelchair, and has been diagnosed with degenerative bone condition affecting both of her knees, along with tears in her meniscus. The doctors hope that the bones will begin to regrow with non-surgical therapies, which will continue all summer. I feel grateful to support my daughter full-time and relieved that I can be with her, but very torn being apart from my school community. My sick leave ran out in early June and I'm in need of 133 hours. I would greatly appreciate any help with donated hours to get us through. Thank you for your consideration. With gratitude, Heidi."

Posted 6/18/19:

Sydnee Matthews, a paraprofessional IA and SEA member from Rainier View Elementary is in need of donated sick leave. Sydnee has been on leave for medical complications and exhausted both her sick leave and FMLA benefits and is on unpaid status and currently without benefits. She just gave birth to premature twins and is seriously in need of help. If she receives enough donated leave, it may be possible to restore her benefits but the need is urgent. If you are able to help, please contact HR and complete a leave donation requtest to help Sydnee's family.

Posted 6/11/19:

Ms. Sophia Chen, Special Education Asst at Garfield High School, is in desperate need of Shared Leave donations due to a very serious family emergency.  Any and all help you can give is very appreciated.

Posted 6/4/19:

Amber Torrence, teacher at Van Asselt Elementary is out on leave as of today through the end of the year.  She is a new teacher and not FMLA qualified and she is out of paid time due to her leave for her medical issues earlier in the year.  Ms. Torrence has expressed that she cannot go unpaid, and very much appreciates any hours you can donate to help out.

Posted 5/29/19:

From Ellen Carelton, Special Ed teacher in the Bridges Transition Program for Medically/Fragile students: "I'm asking for sick leave hours to be donated to cover treatments for possible breast cancer, and related counseling sessions.  I would appreciate any help anyone can give me."

Posted 5/21/19:

Lori Forrest, 2nd Grade teacher and single parent at Green Lake Elementary, is in need of sick leave donations as she continues chemo treatment. Her sick leave has run out and she'd appreciate any sick leave hour donations to help her during this time. Lori says: "Thank you for helping in any way you can!"

Posted 5/9/19:

Matthew Hestad, 2nd Grade Teacher at Graham HIll is currently on medical leave, and diagnosed with a very rare type of brain cancer. This will cause him to out for the remainder of the year.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Members can access the shared leave form to donate hours by clicking HERE. Forms can be submitted to or FAXED to 206-252-0021 or mailed to Seattle Public Schools, MS 33-380, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.