This page is for SPS employees who have run out of or will run out of sick leave, due to circumstances out of their control and are asking their SPS colleagues for donations of sick leave hours that can help them through their crises.

To submit your name as an educator in need of sick leave hours, please email with your name, school and short description of your situation causing the leave shortage and your name will be listed here for your colleagues to see, so they can help. if you're donating hours, the link to the form is below.

Posted 11-22-21
Request from Brianna McLean, Math Teacher at Franklin High School:
A first-year teacher, is in need of leave donations.  Her father recently died in a car accident.  As a new teacher, Brianna has very little available leave, and she would be grateful for any hours you are able to donate.  Thank you.

Posted 11-1-21
Request from Sherri Estep, Paraprofessional at Genesee Hill:
Hello, I am a paraprofessional at Genesee Hill Elementary.  My poor health and the poor health of my husband has caused me to nearly run out of leave.  In order to have surgery I will need donated sick leave or I will lose my job and have no benefits.  Right now my husband and I are sharing a hospital room as we both try to recover.  My goal is to have enough leave to return to school in December or January and keep my benefits.  I am grateful for any hours that you are able to help me with.  Thank you!

Posted 11-1-21
Request from Charrie Gibson, Physical Sciences teacher at Genesee Hill & Cascadia:
Fellow educators, driving to work one morning in September, a careless driver lost control of their car and slammed into me head-on. I suffered a spinal injury and I am in recovery. I’ve exhausted my sick leave and personal days and would like to request leave donations to meet my recovery needs. Thanks for any hours you can spare.

Posted 10-27-21
Request from Patti Crow, Madison Middle School:
Hi again everybody.  I am Patti Crow.  I teach at Madison Middle School.  I am recovering physically very well from my brain surgery removing much of my cancerous tumor. But the damage it caused to my memory & speech is still on-going.  My recovery is slow with much more time needed with lots of speech therapy & a lot of patience.  I have received enough sick leave donations to be covered until December 19, 2021.  And I am so grateful.  Thanks everyone.  But I still have one last goal to reach. If I receive 105 more sick leave hours, my teaching position & benefits will be guaranteed until August 31, 2022. Thank you all for anything that you can give. Again I am so grateful to everyone. Love, Patti 

Posted 10-19-21
Request for Hayden Miles, submitted by Franklin AR:
Hayden Miles is a first-year teacher at Franklin.  Hayden's sister died on October 12 following a car accident.  Hayden and his partner have taken in her four-year-old son.  In addition to the obligations associated with caring for a grieving child, Hayden and Whitney are expecting their first child in April.  As a new employee with very little accrued leave, Hayden is requesting leave donations to meet his family's needs. Thank you all for any and all hours you're able to donate to help out.

Posted 10-14-21
Request from Lisa Santos, Special Education Paraprofessional at John Muir Elementary:
My name is Lisa Santos, a Special Education Paraprofessional at John Muir Elementary.  My father has passed away from cancer and I am left to take care of my mother with her medical and daily living needs.  She is going through physical therapy and will have a follow up doctor's appointment for her x-rays and lab as well as a neurologist appointment both in November.  I'm currently on FMLA leave and have used up all my bereavement, personal and sick leave.  I was also trying to see if I could again apply for Accommodations, but it doesn't sound like we are able to for a parent's medical this year. Thank you so much for any amount of hours you're able to donate.

Posted 5-12-21
Request from Claudine Cross, Special Education teacher at Franklin High School:
I have a serious medical condition warranting FMLA and cannot return to work for the remainder of the 20/21 school year. Because I am new to the district and have not accrued enough sick days, I will run out of sick leave hours by May 19th. I'm in need of sick leave hours to cover until June 18th, and would very much appreciate any leave hours you are able to donate.  Many thanks and God Bless.

Posted 5-12-21
Request from Daisy Lukas, Admin Secretary at Montlake Elementary:
I have worked for SPS for three years, my 11 year old daughter who is experiencing mental illness is needing 24 hour supervision. I am on full time emergency FMLA leave to care for her, as a single parent and my personal and donated leave was already depleted due to needing to care for my daughter when schools closed. If you can spare any leave it  would have a huge impact helping us remain in our housing and enable me to continue to work with her team, support her back to health, and get peer contact by attending the small amount of in person learning she gets with the new schedule. Thank you for any and all that you can donate.I hope to be able to return the generosity in the future.

Posted 4-23-21
Request from Makena Gadient, Special Education IA Focus room, Garfield High School:
Hello all - I wanted to ask if anyone is able to donate sick leave for me, and thank you to those that already have. I'm 27 years old and battling stage 2 vocal cancer. I have finished radiation, and am waiting for tests to see if we are in the clear cancer wise. I currently can't work since I can only whisper to verbally communicate to students, and whispering damages my vocal cords further. I'm still waiting for my voice to return. Anything that anyone would be able to donate would help me be able to heal and return to the classroom with a voice and way to support my students. I've used up all my own leave since it took a year to get a correct diagnosis along with vocal pain / complete voice loss as well as using it for tests/scans/radiation. A huge thanks to you all!

Posted 4-12-21
Justine Valdez, Language Arts Teacher at West Seattle High School, is requesting leave donations to help with maternity leave, as she's new to the district and doesn't have enough time accrued to cover the time off. Her partner was laid off due to Covid-19, so she is currently their head of household, so it's even more critical that she keep from going under during this time. She thanks all of you who are able to help, and appreciates every hour you're able to donate!

Posted 4-9-21
Cindy "Chef" Hess, the Culinary Arts instructor at Rainier Beach High School, had a very extensive back surgery in December. She is a .5 teacher and doesn’t qualify for the family medical leave. Many hours have been generously donated to her but she has recently learned that she needs additional donations to cover the rest of this school year. She is extremely grateful for the generosity of our members. Thank You.

Posted 4-8-21
Heather Cline, Spanish Teacher at Lincoln High School and single mom, is extremely grateful for all who have donated and feels terribly requesting  additional sick leave donations.  Her daughter, Saida, (who is also immunocompromised) had a major surgery at Children’s Hospital in March and Heather had planned to return to teaching remotely in April, however the in-person mandate changed that plan.  Unfortunately, despite specific instructions from her daughter’s medical team that it was not safe for either mother or daughter to return to in-person education, her accommodation request to continue teaching remotely was denied by the district.  As such, Heather is requesting additional leave donations to avoid potentially disastrous financial effects of unpaid leave.  Both Saida and Heather appreciate any and all leave hours you are able to donate during this challenging and stressful time for all. 

Posted 4-1-21
Theresa Knox, Resource Room Teacher at Lafayette Elementary was diagnosed in February with a middle ear disorder. The disorder is causing memory problems and constant vertigo. Work is not a possibility until surgery, treatment and medication remedies are applied. She is the sole breadwinner for the family and will be out of work through June, so  ANY and all donated sick hours will be VERY welcome! 
She thanks you all in advance, and hopes to be in a position to help others in the future with similar needs.

Posted 3-11-21
Benten Arriola, Office Assistant at Coe Elementary is in need of donated sick leave, having to take extra days off after a total knee replacement, and unfortunately has recently been diagnosed with Covid-19. Not much leave was left after the knee surgery, so any sick time you feel you can spare would help tremendously. Many thanks are in advance!

Posted 2-25-21
Carmel Smith, Special Education teacher at Madrona Elementary School has a serious medical condition that will require an upcoming surgery and being out of work for an undetermined amount of time, and is in serious need of sick leave hours. She appreciates any sick leave donations that can be donated on her behalf. Thank you!

Posted 2-25-21
Lawrence Ball, at Mercer International MS, is currently on Family Medical Leave and will run out of sick days by late April. He needs sick leave hours to cover intil mid-June, and would very much appreciate any leave hours you are able to donate. Thank you all! Stay strong!

Posted 2-1-21

Dorr Anderson, Sped IA at View Ridge Elementary has a son born in May 2020 with a genetic condition called Tuberous Schlerosis Complex, which has led to many doctor visits and much time off needed. Unfortunately, this trend will continue to require many more visits and sick time. Dorr will be incredibly grateful for any sick time you're able to spare to help make his and his son's situation less of a burden. Thanks so much!


Members can access the shared leave form to donate hours by clicking HERE. Forms can be submitted to or FAXED to 206-252-0021 or mailed to Seattle Public Schools, MS 33-380, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.