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Your Seattle Substitutes Association leadership presenting the Sub-Friendly schools awards for 2017-2018 to the School Board!

2018SubFriendlyPresentation to SPS BOD


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Seattle Substitutes Association General Meeting
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Location Seattle Vocational Institute, 2120 S. Jackson St. Seattle, 98144
Time 4:30 - 7:30PM


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2018 Professional Development Calendar (Summer Only)

Substitute Friendly Schools Nomination Form (Online Version)

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Preparing a Useful Sub Plan:
Sub Plan for Certificated
   Sub Plan for Elementary Paraeducators
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SPS Substitutes Salary Schedule for 2018-2019
SPS Substitutes Salary Schedule for 2017-2018
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SSA Officers for 2017-2018:

Peter Henry, President
Stan Strasner, Vice President
Pat Robertson, Past President
Elisabeth Lavaris, Secretary/Treasurer
Jan Bowersox, Professional Development
Karin Engstrom, Membership/Communications Director
Justin Vinson, At Large SEA Board Member
David Posner - District Liaison

Association Reps:
Darrin Hoop, Karen Jackson, Matt Maley, Rickie Malone, Mary (Molly) O'Neil, Ida Ott, Whitney Parker/Kahn, Edith Ruby, Antonija Ventenbergs, Francisca Zavala