Why Join SAEOP?

Why Join SAEOP?

 The Seattle Association of Educational Office Professionals (SAEOP) is a department of the Seattle Education Association (SEA).  SEA is 5500 educators-teachers and other certificated professionals, paraprofessionals, office staff, and substitutes-working together.  SEA is the voice of school employees in Seattle, uniting members as powerful activists for professionalism, equity, and integrity in public education. We are part of the Washington Education Association (WEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).

The requirements to join SAEOP are simple. All classified persons employed by Seattle School District No. 1 who are engaged in office, clerical or secretarial work and all persons who by job title are covered by the collective bargaining agreement of the SAEOP and the District are eligible for membership upon payment of dues.

Under our Collective Bargaining Agreement with Seattle Public Schools, all SEA represented employees pay an Agency Fee - also known as a Fair Share Fee - to SEA.  The Agency Fee is not membership dues. The Agency Fee ensures that everyone who benefits from SEA, WEA, and NEA pays the costs of providing you with services.  Membership dues are literally one dollar more per month than the Agency Fee.  Read on to see all that you receive for that extra dollar per month.

To become a member, you must join.  By signing and returning the  Membership Application, you can become a full voting member.

Why join?  Nearly all eligible staff joins SEA because the small additional cost yields BIG benefits:

1. Members can vote for SEA leaders such as Building Representatives, the SEA Board, President, delegates to the WEA and NEA Representative Assemblies, etc.  These elected leaders make important decisions that affect you.  If you don't join, you have no say.

2. Joining is the way each of us supports SEA's goals. Competitive compensation; small class sizes; reasonable workloads; adequate funding; and a public education system that is successful in educating every child!   To achieve these goals, SEA advocates for us daily.  We make many gains through initiatives and schools levies, yet if you do not join, funds you pay cannot be used for initiatives and levies.

3. Members receive $1,000,000 in liability insuranceIf you don't join, you don't get it.

4. Members may receive free help from a WEA-appointed attorney regarding matters such as termination or violations of your civil rights. Non-members receive no coverage of such legal costs.

5.   Members can receive up to $35,000 to cover the legal costs to defend themselves, if they are accused of a crime related to work.  This benefit is paid if the member is found not guilty.  Non-members are on their own.

6. Members receive discounts on travel and entertainment.

We are making a difference working together!  Please complete the Membership Application and send it to the SEA office, 5501 4th Ave S.,  Seattle, WA 98108
Questions?  Call SEA office at (206) 283-8443, or you can ask the SEA Building Representative with whom you work.  Our website is www.seattlewea.org.