SPS 8-Day Professional Development Pay

SPS 8-Days Professional Development Pay

Do you want to get paid to attend workshops, classes or conferences?

Your contract all allows you to be paid for up to 8 days of professional development when you take classes or attend conferences/workshops outside of you normal working day.

If you work an 8-hour day, you have 64 hours of pay just waiting for you to claim it!  Don't let another interesting workshop or class go by.  Get paid to attend.

This Document from Kim Van Atta explains how to claim your 8 days.

SPS will also reimburse you for conference/workshop registrations up to $500/year.

For any workshop/conference where SPS does not reimburse you, SAEOP will reimburse up to half of your registration fee, and pay $15 per diem for overnight conferences.  Submit a copy of your registration and proof of payment along with a SAEOP Reimbursement Voucher to the treasurer.