SAEOP Professional Development Reimbursement

SPS Professional Development Reimbursement Procedure

To claim your professional

 development reimbursement you need:

  • An Employee Reimbursement Requisition (fill out the top portion only):

    In order to be reimbursed for conference attendance, please submit the following documents to Kim Van Atta at MS 32-156:

    • Each SAEOP Member may submit up to $500 in registrations during a school year.The professional development money is paid out on a first come, first serve basis till it is gone.This is IN ADDITION to your “8 days” of professional development pay, so if you haven’t used your days, you can also be paid to go to the class/conference.

      An Employee Reimbursement Requisition (fill out the top portion only). Click here for the form.

  • A copy of your conference registration form or confirmation and proof of payment,A statement of support from your supervisor which indicates the conference is aligned with your current or anticipated work in Seattle Public Schools. 

For any workshop/conference where SPS does not reimburse you, SAEOP will reimburse up to half of your registration fee, and pay $15 per diem for overnight conferences.  Submit a copy of your registration and proof of payment along with a SAEOP Reimbursement Voucher to the treasurer.