Your Retirement

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Taking Charge of Your Future: A Pre-Retirement Seminar developed and presented by WEA-Retired members.

SEA Members,

For those of you who didn't get registered in time for the March 2021 WEA Pre-Retirement seminars, the Washington State Department or Retirement Systems does offer several webinars that you may want to look at.

Here's a link to see what's offered:

NOTICE! ·The March 6, 2021 - For members who don't plan to retire this year has already had overwhelming response, so registration is closed.  There is no room for more registrants.

NOTICE! The March 20, 2021 - For members who do plan to retire this year also had a high number of respondents, so registration is closed. There is no room for more registrants.

Due to the high response, the WEA Retirement seminar team hopes to plan for added seminars in the Fall, possibly late Summer.


AGENDA for the regular seminar:

·     8:30 – Noon

·     Welcome

·     Introductions, Expectations

·     Social Security

·     State Retirement Plans 1, 2, and 3

·     Commercial

·     12:00 Lunch Break

·     12:30– 2:00 pm

·     Timelines

·     VEBA

·     Health Care

·     Pre-Medicare

·     Medicare

·     Wrap up and Evaluation



"Thanks for presenting valuable information with humor and grace."

"The main thing I came away with is a decision as to when I want to retire...give me enough 
time to get all of my 'ducks in a row,' get rid of 'stuff' at school (before June), .... and then
work on my "list of things to do" after my retirement."

"Even my husband who has been retired for a couple of years ... learned new things."

General WEA Retirement information can be seen HERE.