SEA Paraprofessionals Resources

Important Paraprofessional Dates for 2018-2019:

(General Membership Department meetings are scheduled from 4:45 to 7:45PM unless otherwise noted for Professional Development.  Board meetings are scheduled from 4:45 to 7PM. Currently all meetings will be held at the SEA Office - 5501 4th Ave S. Seattle unless indicated or TBD.)

FEBRUARY 2019 BOD Meeting: 2/25/19
Dept Meeting: 2/26/19
MARCH 2019 BOD Meeting: 3/12/19
No Dept Meeting
APRIL 2019 BOD Meeting:
4/16/19 @ SEA
Dept Meeting: 4/30/19 (Location TBD)
Washington Representative Assembly
April 25-27, 2019
Spokane, WA
MAY 2019

BOD Meeting:
5/20/19 @ SEA
Dept Meeting: 5/21/19 (Location TBD)

JUNE 2019 BOD Meeting: 6/6/19 (Location TBD)
Dept Meeting: 6/11/19 (Location TBD)
NEA Representative Assembly
July 2-July 7, 2019
Houston, TX

Paraprofessional Leadership:

President: Micheal Melonson
Vice-President: Gwendolyn Jimerson


Paraprofessional Scholarship Application

Paraprofessional SEA Contract