School Calendar, SPS Work Calendars & Early Release

Early Release:

Early-Release Calendar for 2021-2022

SPS-SEA Guide to Early Releases and Staff Meetings 2021-22

2021-2022 Work Calendars:

180-Day: Certificated Non-Supervisory
193-Day: Paraprofessional
200-Day: Paraprofessional - Bus Supervisors
203-Day: Paraprofessional & SAEOP
204-Day: Paraprofessional & SAEOP
222-Day: Paraprofessional & SAEOP
223-Day: Paraprofessional
260-Day: Para, SAEOP & Non-Rep

2020-2021 Full-Year Calendar

2020-2021 Early Release Calendar

2020-2021 Work Calendars:

180-Day: Certificated Non-Supervisory
193-Day: Paraprofessional & SAEOP
200-Day: Paraprofessional - Bus Supervisors
202-Day: Security Specialist
203-Day: Paraprofessional & SAEOP
204-Day: Non-Represented
204-Day: Paraprofessional
212-Day: Paraprofessional & SAEOP
222-Day: Paraprofessional & SAEOP
223-Day: Non-Represented
223-Day: Paraprofessional
260-Day: Full Year Calendar (Non-Rep)

Planning for Future School Year Dates

The CBA 2019-22 (Collective Bargaining Agreement) outlines that the calendar will adhere to the following rules:

  1. First day of school: The first Wednesday in September.
  2. State In-service Day: As recognized by the state and typically the second Friday in October.
  3. Winter break: At least 10 weekdays, ending after New Year’s Day. If New Year’s Day falls or is observed on a Monday, students will return to school on the next day (Tuesday).
  4. Mid-winter break: President’s Day and the following four workdays.
  5. Spring break: Five days starting the second Monday in April.
  6. Snow make-up days: At least three snow days shall be scheduled, including the day between semesters, and the first two days following the last day of school in June.
  7. Holidays:
    • Labor Day (when school begins before this day in September)
    • Veterans Day (November)
    • Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving (November)
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January)
    • Presidents’ Day (February)
    • Memorial Day (May)


2019-2020 Full-Year Calendar

2019-2020 SEA/SPS Early Release Calendar

2019-2020 Work Calendars:

180-Day: Certificated
192-Day: Nutr Svcs Elem & K8
193-Day: Para (Rev 6-11-19)
194-Day: Nutr Svcs Secondary, MS & HS
200-Day: Para - Bus Superv
203-Day: Para & SAEOP
204-Day: Para
212-Day: Para - Headstart
222-Day: Para & SAEOP
223-Day: Paras260-Day: Non-Repr Para/SAEOP