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Updated June 30, 2022

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Progress at the bargaining table

Our unity and strength are making a difference as we move forward toward the contract we need, and our students need.  With two months to go before our contract expires, we’re exchanging proposals with SPS about improving supports for Multi-Language Learners, and member subcommittees on other priority issues are finalizing bargaining proposals.   

Bargaining has a different feel this year, in part from deeper and sustained member input and engagement and in part from the change in SPS leadership.  Superintendent Jones and his staff have come to the table with a genuine interest in working in partnership to make improvements and the progress we’re making so far is promising.  We believe if the relationship with SPS continues to improve and the collaboration at the table continues, it is completely possible to settle a contract before August 31 expiration. 

Bargaining is on hiatus next week for the July 4 holiday closure. 


  • July 4-10: SEA and WEA closed for summer holiday
  • August 31: Contract expiration
  • August 30-September 1, September 6: TRI Days
  • September 7: First day of school