SEA Leadership Opportunities

SEA is seeking members who are interested in serving on committees with vacancies. The commitment is 1 year. Click here to complete an interest survey.

Are you interested in organizing or political activities?

  • EPEC (Educators for Public Education Committee) and WEA-PAC (Washington Education Association Political Action Committee): interviews and endorses political candidates in local races
  • MLK Labor - a council of labor organizations in King County
  • Sound Alliance - an alliance of faith, labor, health education and community organizations dedicated to building a base of everyday civic leaders to effectively stand for change
  • CAT (Collective Action Team) -  cultivates opportunities for member engagement/actions
  • SPS Budget - a committee that examines SPS's budget and finances and organizes around the money

Are you interested in recruiting and building up leadership?

  • Nominations & Elections for SEA Officers and Board of Directors
  • New Hire Orientation - a group that greets new hires and encourages SEA membership
  • Association Representative (AR) Training

Are you interested in contract enforcement and advocacy?

  • Grievance Review - determines whether members continue with arbitration step, see p105-6 of Cert CBA to learn more
  • Waiver - making recommendations to the SEA Board on school waivers, see p6-7 of Cert CBA to learn more
  • Special Ed Task Force - a joint labor group with SPS, see p92 of Cert CBA for details
  • Assessment - see p24 of Cert CBA for details

Are you interesting in professional development for educators?

  • PGES (Professional Growth and Educator Support) - monitor & guide the implementation of the evaluation system, see p21 of Cert CBA for details
  • Professional Development Steering Committee - see p17 of Cert CBA for details
  • Educational Staff Associate (ESA) Evaluation- a group of clinical ESAs to explore elements of PAR, PLT’s, and peer feedback. See p221 of Cert CBA for details