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Tech Pay Form for 2018-2019

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Use the form to access your Tech Pay for 2018-2019

Certificated staff can begin submitting for up to 32 hours of tech pay (based on your FTE), using the new form. Staff are asked to submit at least 8 hours at a time. The form needs to be signed by your principal.

The tech time is for work we are doing to incorporate technology into our practice, and it can be for time spent during our regular work day. While the first few items on the list are for “modules” that you can do, most of the rest is for work you are doing on your own (e.g. “2.2 Using digital resources with students to produce information,” or “4.4 Creating parent communication digitally”).

You can also add other ways you are learning to use technology beyond the list, including any actual workshops or trainings you participate in. For these, use the “Personalized Professional Learning Using Technology” section at the end of the form.

While tech time is part of the certificated staff’s 10.5% increase, classified staff received a 10.5% increase from District general funds, so there is no tech time for classified staff. Long term certificated subs do qualify for tech time, on a pro-rated basis.
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