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SEA Bargaining Update #8 - 8/9/19

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SEA Bargaining Update #8: 8-9-19

What Happened at the table?

For the week of Aug 5 – 9 the SEA Bargaining Team focused on these SEA bargaining priorities:

  1. Support for English language learners

The team is working to ensure that ELL staffing reflects the diverse needs of our ELL student populations within each school ensuring that resources are targeting highest need populations.  Recognizing that ELL communities benefit from increased collaboration and training with their general education colleagues, the team is also exploring ways to increase these opportunities for all educators.

  1. Special Education

The SPED bargaining team subcommittee met with district administrators and discussed SEA’s proposals for ensuring all students with special needs receive appropriate support.

Our Special Education Team went from 8:30am to 8pm on Friday Aug 9! The team went over ways we can support our assistive tech staff (who have seen a nearly 200% increase in their workload over the last few years), vision staff, psychologists, SPED program specialists, and so much more. Our team is committed to ensuring all students with special education needs receive appropriate support and ensuring that special education staff have the supports they need to be successful. 


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