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SEA Bargaining Update #1: 5/30/19

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SEA Bargain update 5/30/19

Today’s first bargaining session set the stage for the 2019 bargain. Centering a lens of racial equity across all we do BARGAIN SESSION 3was the primary focus in the morning. Marquita Prizing ,Dir. of the CRE, and Dr. Keisha Scarlett lead a joint training on Racial Equity. Both SEA and SPS are making racial equity explicit and will put it at the center of this bargain.

The afternoon included SEA's interest in expanding opportunities for increased flexibility for personal days. This must be balanced against the interest of daily unfilled substitute positions. There will be further discussions around flexible PTO at future bargaining sessions.

Meet two of your Bargaining Team Members

Derek 2019Derek Grandbois, Cert, Hazel Wolf K-8

Derek has a background in economics, he wants to do the best for members and students. Derek brings his interest in keeping racial equity at the forefront of the bargain. He sees interest-based bargaining as a balanced process to find solutions to problems that benefit both sides.

Gwendolyn 2019Gwendolyn Jimerson, Transportation Intervention Associate

Gwendolyn wants to have a voice for programs in SPS. Often the voices from our buildings are heard however programs are not always at the table to share their perspective. Gwendolyn has a concern around newly created positions at JSCEE that are non-represented.

Upcoming Actions

The next SEA action is planned for June 12th at the School Board meeting. At least 2 members from each school/Program will need to attend.

Action Steps

At your school/program site make sure all staff sign the SEA 2019 Bargaining Petition. Identify at least 2 co-workers to attend the June 12th School Board Meeting and deliver the petition @ 4:15pm.

  • Link to learn how to sign up to speak at the School Board

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