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SEA Bargaining Update #11 - 8-22-19

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SEA Bargaining Update #11: 8-22-19

What’s Next?

Aug. 21 was SEA’s initial deadline for a tentative contract agreement. There is no agreement at this point. Bargaining continues today (Thursday, Aug. 22).

Saturday afternoon is the next deadline for the district administration to agree to a tentative agreement (TA). SEA’s bylaws require a TA to be shared with SEA members 72 hours prior to voting, and our next general membership meeting is Aug. 27 at 5 pm.

What’s the problem? So far, district administrators have been unwilling to invest in competitive and professional compensation for Seattle educators or the other support our students need to be successful. Instead, they’ve claimed they don’t have the money – which isn’t true. That’s the same excuse we’ve heard for the last four years. Every year, district administrators predict we’re going to end the school year with a budget deficit. Instead, administrators have built large budget surpluses each year, mainly by spending less on student services than they budgeted.

District budget administrators have consistently made dire predictions about the district’s finances – predictions that never came true.

Based on recent history, SEA members know that we have to constantly fight to get the resources and support our students need. We can’t rely on the district administration to do it on their own. When it comes to budget priorities, we can’t trust the administration to do the right thing for students unless they are forced to do so.


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