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Nuclear Weapons? No thanks!

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Peter Henry, President, Seattle Substitutes Association

Nuclear weapons are in the news again – President Trump plans to withdraw the US from an important nuclear arms limitation treaty with Russia. This could well trigger another nuclear arms race. It’s a big deal, but the issue will probably fade from public consciousness in a few days or weeks – unless we keep it there.

Nuclear weapons did not go away. They are still capable of wiping out human civilization. The only other immediate threat on this scale is human-caused global warming. We need to focus and maintain attention on both these issues.

Last year the SEA joined the coalition Washington Against Nuclear Weapons as a supporting member. Just in time for the elections, the coalition is distributing a candidates’ survey on nuclear issues. Please take a few minutes to check out the candidates’ responses here:

And then contact the elected leader of your choice to tell them to work on eliminating nuclear weapons.

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