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Gov. Inslee signs ESSHB 1599 - High School graduation requirement "delink" Bill

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Governor Inslee signing ESSHP 1599

WEA’s Continuing Resolution on Standardized Testing from the 1985 Representative Assembly states, “No single standardized test should be used for high-stakes decisions about schools or students.”

On Tuesday, May 7th Governor Inslee signed into law ESSHB 1599, which delinks the state assessments from graduation requirements. In passing this delink bill, Legislators have finally eliminated a significant barrier to high school graduation for thousands of students. 

Beginning in 2020, Washington high school students will no longer be required to pass English/language arts, math and science tests to graduate. Under ESSHB 1599, students will have multiple pathways to earning a diploma (passing the existing state tests will be one of the options). Read more about the specific pathways here.

For the Class of 2019:

Students in the Class of 2019 (and 2020) may be eligible to have their assessment graduation requirements waived. Students must have fulfilled all other graduation requirements to be eligible to use this Expedited Assessment Appeal (EAA). They are not required to attempt an alternative assessment in order to be eligible for the waiver. Finally, as outlined in the law, school districts must certify that eligible students have demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge of the high school learning standards and have the skills necessary to successfully achieve the college or career goals established in their High School and Beyond Plans.


Phyllis Campano, President
Seattle Education Association

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