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Change to New Business Items submission protocol and format!

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For many years the New Business Item (NBI) submission and creation process was convoluted and difficult for all members to access. There was no clear deadline, forms or information were not clear or easily accessible for ALL SEA members, and there was no space for cost analysis. This new form is meant to clarify and organize NBIs in such a way that people know exactly what is being proposed and why.

The goal of this new format is to make sure there is clear communication with representatives and members; we also wanted consistent forms that are equitably accessible for all representatives and members.

The new form has some different prompts and information.

Title (Name of New Business Item for SEA):

Source (Person/Group who submits NBI):

Date Submitted:

Cost Implications (This is filled in by SEA board):

SEA Interests: Increase respect for the profession and public education, improve the quality of and access to public education for all students, forge partnerships with families, businesses, other unions, and community groups, other (can be filled in)

Recommendation: What action is being proposed?

The new form is now available online by clicking here.

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