SEA Office Hours: 9AM - 5PM

SEA Main Phone #: 206.283.8443

(Note: We now use Teams Calling for our phone system.   There are no specific extension numbers. Request officer or staff by name once the attendant answers. A list of options will follow if you don't say a name.)

Main Email:


SEA President: Jennifer Matter

SEA Vice President: Uti Hawkins

SEA Center for Racial Equity Director: Joaquín Rodríguez

SEA Treasurer: Toni O'Neal

SEA Paraprofessional President: Marla Rasmussen

SEA SAEOP President: Patrice Robinson

SEA Substitutes President: Joyce McDonald

Executive Director: Yvette De La Cruz

UniServ Directors (Click on Zones link to see building list):

[Zones 1-3] Reiko Dabney:
[Zone 4 & JSCEE] Ceci Mena:
[Zones 5, 6 & Subs] Nikki Dias:

[Zones 7-9] Kent Tse:

SEA Organizer: 
Jose Vargas:

Associate Staff:

Data Specialist: Lea Peters

SEA Building Manager/Bookkeeper: Asiri Williams


Reception/Administration/Tech Support: