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2017 Seattle School Board primary candidates endorsed by SEA

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Megan Locatelli Hyska (District IV)
Zachary Pullin DeWolf (District V)
Betty Patu (District VII)

The Seattle Education Association is proud to endorse both Nikkita Oliver and State Senator Bob Hasegawa as the top two candidates to move on to the general election for Mayor of Seattle.  At the SEA Mayoral Candidate forum last week, Oliver and Hasegawa stood out for their visions of a more equitable public education system and advocated to expand the access to government for working people and public sector unions.

SEA has also endorsed the following candidates in their primary races:

Seattle City Council Position 8 – Teresa Mosqueda/Sheley Secrest (Dual Endorsement)

Seattle City Council Position 9 – City Councilmember M. Lorena Gonzalez

37th Legislative District – State Senator Rebecca Saldana